Mills Farm

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Located in Overland Park, Kansas

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Blue Valley Schools

Contemporary, family friendly.


With lavish Estates, classic Manors and charming Meadows, Mills Farm by Matt Adam offers Southern Johnson County a fresh approach to exquisite living. Immerse yourself in dazzling pools, indulge your spirit with nature’s embrace and be awed by the timeless elegance of bronze sculptures.

Mills Farm promotes an open building program. Home designs are customized to meet your individual preference. All HBA member Builders and home plans must be approved by Design Review Committee.

Drawn from the roots of its rich farm heritage, Mills Farm inspires serene and graceful living. To protect the integrity and ambiance of Mills Farm, each home’s architectural design, exterior building materials and exterior improvements, including landscaping, are subject to the approval of the Design Review Committee. Architectural design and landscaping accents ensure community continuity and value over time.


Overland Park, KS
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